Heritage and Family

My love of curry and…

My biggest inspiration is my family they are always encouraging me, they allow me to test new ideas on them. South African influence starts with my late Gamma, who I watched cook and learned new dishes and ideas from. (Never to forget the time I opened a pot on the stove to see a huge tongue bubbling away).My love of curry and Biryiani has to come from my late Aunt, Aunty Linky and if you didn’t finish your plate of food “you weren’t doing justice to her cooking”, I’ll never forget her saying that, rarely did anyone leave any of her food they were always going up for seconds or even thirds!! My mother and my sister have influenced me greatly with teaching me new dishes, and giving me a passion for food. Making Roti with my sister for 100 people certainly gives you stamina.

To my huge family in South Africa!!! Thank you to you all for your support. Especially to my Husband, Mya, Sophia and my Mum and Dad. My Sister for her ongoing advice and support in SA.

Love them all x